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1_Blaine Barber on CFRU and its influence on him as a local kid.mp3 2M2021-Apr-13 14:22
1_Greg Jarvis on how CFRU led him to a career in music.mp3 780K2021-Apr-13 14:22
1_James Gordon on the importance of campus and community radio.mp3 2M2021-Apr-13 14:22
2_James Gordon on the economic pressures faced by CFRU.mp3 2M2021-Apr-13 14:22
2_Monique Lanoix on her vision as Station Manager.mp3 604K2021-Apr-16 12:12
3_James Gordon on how CFRU supports local artists.mp3 900K2021-Apr-13 14:22
3_Robert Bell on getting involved as a kid in Guelph.mp3 2M2021-Apr-16 12:11
4_Robert Bell, Greg Jarvis, and Monique Lanoix on the role CFRU played in the local music scene.mp3 3M2021-Apr-13 14:22
5_Monique Lanoix and Robert Bell on transmitting power and coverage.mp3 2M2021-Apr-13 14:22
6_Robert Bell_keeping up with the CRTC regulations.mp3 951K2021-Apr-13 14:22